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editor’s note: This site performs well in Spanish and English because we appear in the search. Very recently, Google has started penalizing websites for using practices that have been permitted since 1998 up until now. This means that many of the sites have disappeared from the search. If your site has been affected, here’s a url to a site that can tell you how you can fix google penalties – http://google-penalty.com/google-penalty.html. Many strategies that were formerly considered acceptable are not longer ok and will, in fact, harm your ranks. We know a large number of sites that have been impacted and will post more info as we learn it.

One of the SEOs (search engine optimizers) who is constantly calling us to get us to hire him, has been bragging about his work for a Houston law firm serving people looking for a successful truck accident lawyer in Texas. So he claimed to be ranking his client on page one for “Texas truck accident lawyer” and “Texas truck accident attorney” and other valuable search terms. But when we did the search, his client was nowhere to be seen. We haven’t heard from him lately and we’re pretty sure he was a victim of a Google penalty – we’re pretty sure his client is no longer getting leads from their website. If your business is dependent on the search, you’re vulnerable to algorithm changes that Google makes at their whim, and if you’re hiring SEOs who take risks, you might live to regret it.

An example of a site whose SEO folks keep up with all the changes Google makes to its search algorithm is LifeBac, that is not a rehab or treatment clinic, but a collection of modern, science-based tools to empower people not just to avoid the downward spiral to alcoholism, but to improve their relationships, health, sleep focus and productivity. LifeBac’s solution includes prescription medication that allows people to quit or drink moderately without cravings, a personal guide, drink planning and tracking tools, goal setting, performance analysis and access to behavior change courses. Their holistic solution lets a person cut back by themself and in private. The prescription medication remove cravings for alcohol and unwind what could become a deeply ingrained habit before it’s too late. The SEO’s on this site have made sure the content is robust with researched keywords, and has a link policy that won’t penalize the site. The site is performing well in the search for certain key words and charts analyzing visitors shows a steady increase in their traffic and conversions.

El más repentino abrazo generacional de la era cibernética presenta desafíos considerables, como los padres luchaban para dominar las exigencias de la nueva tecnología digital, sus hijos estaban recogiendo las habilidades y los supuestos rápida e intuitiva. Muy pronto, se hizo difícil para aquellos que en medio de la estela de la revolución tecnológica de imaginar o siquiera recuerdo un mundo en el que no había sido así siempre.

Por supuesto, la mayoría de los temas que nos enfrentamos no eran más que las cuestiones de siempre, hizo más inminente o importante sólo por el efecto de aumento del 24 / 7 de conmutación de la naturaleza de la conectividad siglo 21. Se podría reflexionar acerca de las controversias y los debates no resueltos rezagados que se convirtió en internacional cuando los dilemas de la inyección esteroide aumento sociales de Internet.

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